There Isn't A Place Like Grandma's House ! DELIVERY FEE $2


About Us


Our Story

NYC Chef , Cborn J Thomas is the founder and Photographer of NietosDeMaria. He's a self-taught culinary artist. 

Cborn often helped his grandmother cook and even cooked together and after her passing, Cborn eventually found comfort in recreating his grandmothers favorite dishes.

Cborn turned his grief into a brand about his love and passion for cooking. Her meals and recipes are heart warming, simple and affordable   


Our Food Services

As this business grows, we will be catering to all corporate events, private celebrations, social events and more. Want a quick & easy breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Contact us today! 


How Its Made

All food made by NietosDeMaria is made by family recipes. We try are best to use the healthiest ingredients possible to create the most delicious meal you ever had. Our customers satisfaction is dearly important to us